Welcoming Change In Challenging Times

I consider one of the greatest accomplishments of our firm to be the relationships that are forged with our clients.  Our administrative team is among the best and valued clients often express gratitude for the experience, kindness and care that is evident in their interactions.

So it is with gratitude of my own that I wish to share with you that Linda Carroll, our firm administrator of more than a decade, has retired.  We wish her much happiness in her future endeavors and are appreciative for all that she has brought to our firm.

With her departure, we turn the page on a new chapter led by a new firm administrator.  Randy Cloud brings over a decade of management experience with a strong focus on client experience and operational excellence.  His ability to balance daily operations while developing a strategic vision for the firm’s future makes Randy instrumental to the team’s continued success.  He is responsible for managing business development, client relationships, office operations and financial accounting.

Randy has learned the importance of proper estate planning through a very personal experience.  In his early 20’s, Randy’s mother passed away unexpectedly without a completed will.  He spent the next year navigating probate while trying to grieve his loss.  This experience, combined with a desire to protect his own young family, has inspired a passion to help all families achieve peace of mind while planning for the future.

Randy spent his childhood in Maine and after attending Winthrop University in South Carolina, Randy settled in Atlanta.  His three-year-old son, Nash, loves spending time outdoors.  As a family they enjoy cooking, camping, biking and canoeing.

I am looking forward to each of you having an opportunity to get to know Randy in the coming years.

As always, we are here to serve you.  Please contact us at 770-817-4999 or at www.debrarobinsonlaw.com to schedule an appointment today.

Be well,

Debra Robinson

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