Free Estate Planning Webinars

Learn how a solid estate plan will provide for your family's long term well-being.

Debra Robinson Law Group is proudly presenting  free webinar experiences in which you can be informed about estate planning. These webinars will provide a foundation upon which to build a plan that truly meets your needs for protecting your things and providing for the ones you love.  

Debra Robinson Law Group is a law firm serving clients in the state of Georgia.

How to Protect Your “Stuff” in 3 Easy Steps!

This webinar will cover frequently asked questions and common misconceptions regarding:

The differences between Wills, Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts (and why you should or shouldn't have one)

Should you give your "stuff" to your kids - how and when?

How to avoid probate

Why you should have a trust for your IRA... and more!

Asset Protection

Explore Asset Protection with subject matter expert Douglass Lodmell and learn:

Which assets are/are not exempt under state and federal law

How to identify and understand different types of risks

How to protect real estate, other physical assets, securities and liquid assets

The difference between domestic and offshore trusts


... to plan for the transitions in the life of your family or business, and create a road map for the journey ahead.