Free Estate Planning Webinar

Learn how a solid estate plan will provide for your family's long term well-being.

Debra Robinson Law Group is proudly presenting a free webinar experience in which you can be informed about estate planning. This webinar will provide a foundation upon which to build a plan that truly meets your needs for protecting your things and providing for the ones you love.  

Debra Robinson Law Group is a law firm serving clients in the state of Georgia.


How to Protect Your “Stuff” in 3 Easy Steps!

You will leave this webinar knowing the answers to these questions:

Am I "all set"?

What is needed to protect me, the ones I love, and my “stuff?”

How do I know what is missing from my plan? How do I obtain it?

The webinar will cover frequently asked questions and common misconceptions regarding:

The differences between Wills, Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts (and why you should or shouldn't have one)

Should you give your "stuff" to your kids - how and when?

How to avoid probate

Why you should have a trust for your IRA... and more!


... to plan for the transitions in the life of your family or business, and create a road map for the journey ahead.