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As 2021 nears the end, I sit back and reflect on my career.  It’s hard for me to believe that I’ve been practicing law for 39 years.  I feel fortunate that the legal field I chose has allowed me to earn a living providing a service that people need and value.  I am honored that so many clients have trusted me and my team with their concerns about their families and their own wellbeing.

As many of my clients have gotten older, I have too, and I realized that I can’t keep going forever.  It’s time for me to retire and start anew role – grandma to my 10-month-old grandson Chaim.  I’ll be moving to the west coast to be able to watch him grow up.

I have been conducting an extensive search for a lawyer who would lead my team and provide the same service we have delivered for the past 39 years.  It is important to me that my successor be someone who will continue to provide the same quality of legal services to my clients, with the same degree of personal care and ethics.  I am delighted to share with you that my search has been successful and that James M. Miskell is that lawyer.

Jim is the principal attorney and founder of the Estate Law Group of Georgia, James M. Miskell, P.C.  He began his law career more than 28 years ago as an Assistant District Attorney, eventually specializing in prosecuting crimes against children and special victims.  Since 2005, Jim has been in private practice, and for more than a decade has focused his practice exclusively on wills, trusts, estate planning, and elder law.

Jim and his wife Jane make Johns Creek their home. They are parents to three fantastic kids.  Matthew is studying at UNG and William and Mary Kate are at Northview High School.  On the weekends, you can find Jim and Jane at the kids’ sporting events, on the hiking trail or working on projects at the house.

While I am confident that you are in good hands with Jim at the helm, the Georgia State Bar ethics rules require I inform you that you continue to have the right to retain other counsel.  As always, you have the right to take possession of your file (most of which are now in electronic format).  The rules say that your consent to the sale of my law firm to Jim will be presumed if you don’t take any action or otherwise object within 90 days of your receipt of this notice.

At the firm, you will continue to see familiar faces. Randy, Amanda, and Jeremiah will be continuing with the practice and will be joined by Jim and his excellent staff, JoAnn, Laura, and Autumn.  I am not retiring immediately.  You will still see me at the office for meetings and signings.  I will continue working three days a week through December 31, 2021, and then reduced hours through June 30, 2022.  For clients with current open matters, I’ll personally introduce you to Jim, and work with Jim to complete your plan.  If you don’t have a current open matter, but would still like a personal introduction to Jim, I will be happy to arrange it.

Though I am looking forward to being a full-time grandma, I will miss you, my clients.  My relationships with you have made my career both enjoyable and fulfilling and I wish you all the best.  I believe you will be well served by Jim and am so glad to have found the right person to carry on my law practice.

Be well,

Debbie Robinson

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