You Are Named As Dad’s Power of Attorney, What Does That Mean?
As our population ages, more and more adult children find themselves having to help a parent or other elderly relative[...]
How You Can Help A Widow
The day before my husband’s funeral, two of his friends came and mowed the lawn. Two weeks after the funeral,[...]
Protect Your IRA For Your Young Beneficiaries
Because the income tax on an IRA is deferred, a beneficiary who inherits an IRA is required to either: withdraw[...]
Pros and Cons of a Joint Account with Mom or Dad
Adding a child to a bank account might seem like the perfect solution to safeguarding an elderly parent’s finances. Once[...]
How Do You Probate Out of State Real Estate?
Many Georgia residents own real estate that is located in another state. The property might be a vacation home, rental[...]
Help Your Executor Out
When putting together your estate plan, you need to choose an Executor, the person responsible for administering your estate. Once[...]
How Do You Plan Your Estate When You Don’t Have Children?
For people with children, estate planning is usually pretty straightforward - leave everything to the children in equal shares. Sometimes[...]
5 Ways You Can Improve Dementia Related Sleep Issues
It can be very challenging to watch a loved one suffer from dementia.  A caretaker can feel very powerless over[...]
6 Ways To Help Sleep Deprived Seniors
As we begin to age, our bodies change, and we become more susceptible to sleep issues.  This can be due[...]

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