Exciting News
As 2021 nears the end, I sit back and reflect on my career.  It’s hard for me to believe that[...]
College Prep
With the school year behind us, it is time for many families to make preparations to send children away to[...]
Balancing Your Goals with Your Family’s Goals in Family Transfers
Striking the right balance between your goals and those of your family can be one of the trickiest parts of[...]
Elements of Estate Planning: Advance Directive for Health Care
If you have been following our series this month, you know that we have been focusing our blog posts on[...]
Elements of Estate Planning: Power of Attorney
During the month of April, we are going to focus our newsletters on the most common documents that comprise an[...]
Elements of Estate Planning: Last Will and Testament
During the month of April, we are going to focus our blog posts on the most common documents that comprise[...]
Asset Protection Using Corporations and LLCs
A small business owner or owner of rental real estate has exposure for liabilities arising from the operation of the[...]
Defensive Asset Protection
We live in a society that files some 70,000 lawsuits per day, many without merit.  The high legal costs of[...]
Medicaid Planning with Trusts
Due to the high cost of nursing home care today, many seniors look to Medicaid for help covering the expense.[...]

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