Should Your Child Have A Special Needs Trust?
Parents of a child who is receiving benefits from a needs based government program (or might be eligible for such[...]
Estate Planning For Blended Families
Many couples would like to provide for their spouse in their wills, but also make sure their respective children from[...]
When Tax Law Changes Impact Estate Planning
With the election nearing, many are thinking about changes that may be on the horizon.  Here at Debra Robinson Law Group,[...]
How Do You Plan Your Estate When You Don’t Have Children?
As we navigate through the COVID pandemic, the importance of estate planning for all individuals is more clear than ever.  For[...]
Meet The Team!
Over the past several months, my team has done a great job of keeping pace as news and needs change.[...]
Keeping Your Estate Plan Up To Date
​Have you ever wondered what would happen if you needed to make a small revision to your Estate Planning documents,[...]
Planning Your Estate
When thinking about creating an estate plan, whether through a Will or a Trust, or sometimes both, many people base[...]
Doing Our Part To Help Front Line Workers
Although a mask can provide protection from COVID-19, more is needed to ensure that you are protected in a health[...]
One Person Can Make A Difference
Several months ago, one of our valued clients, Bill Fillman, reached out for assistance in incorporating a non-profit designed to[...]

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